About us

«International Processing Systems»:

55 000 transactions per day

200+ airline sites and OTAs

1000+ entertainment stores, online trading, hotel sector, services, insurance and utility bills

Presence in and outside Russia, particularly, in the CIS

Company-owned Data Center in Russia

Our mission 

“International Processing Systems” is a driver of growth for the merchants and partners using it. We accomplish this by providing comprehensive, secure and scalable payment solutions.

Mutual respect 

We believe in openness and transparency of communications, and partnership relations based on mutual respect.

Individual responsibility 

We assume undertakings, and stand ready to be responsible for their implementation, focusing our efforts on such activities that bring the most value.

Diversity of cultures 

We appreciate a variety of viewpoints stemming from diverse cultures and experiences, and treat it as a source of development and enrichment of our own ideas.

Perfect execution 

Whenever we set up a goal, we do everything possible and impossible to succeed. This is our characteristic feature.

Leadership through service 

We focus our work around the needs and problems of our customers, offering them the best service.


We work in a team to achieve successful results. Team spirit allows us to constantly develop.